My Vacation Lady just heard of this term a month or so ago.  We were really wondering why so many of our clients were telling us to extend their honeymoons and vacations or that they upped their budgets and add more activities.

Revenge travel is a term that refers to the trend of people booking longer, more expensive vacations or booking more frequent travel this year because of the lack of travel opportunities people had in 2020.

With more people eager to travel and having saved up more money this year because they couldn’t go to concerts, sporting events or vacations, people are spending on average twenty percent more on vacations this year.



A sense of wanderlust has been building- after so much time at home. So many of our clients are not only asking but just saying I NEED TO GET AWAY.  This latest surge in travel reservations and requests is a new phenomenon called REVENGE TRAVEL.

The team at My Vacation Lady is working overtime just to keep up with the demand.

  • Frank and Julieann had a choice to extend their honeymoon by 3 days or shorten it by one due to flight schedule changes.  They extended it.
  • Dom booked a tour 2 weeks before departing because he needed to get away.  He really didn’t care where.
  • Families are coming out of the woodwork—- please help us get away this summer.

Does this sound like you?

Don’t wait, contact us NOW to help you get in on the 2021 travel trend!