We made it through the longest year ever.

Yes, 2020 sucked.  No other way to describe it.  Covid 19 changed everything and living our lives changed drastically.

While many people did take vacations in 2020, many didn’t.  My Vacation Lady spent most of the year postponing, rescheduling, moving, changing and cancelling our clients’ vacation and honeymoon plans.

But with the Covid vaccine being distributed now, hope is in the air!


Many travel agencies, like My Vacation Lady are seeing 2021 as the year that travel comes back!

  • The great news is that 1/3 of our travel supplier and colleagues have reported new travel bookings for Jan-March of 2021.
  • Almost 70% of our industry is reporting new travel bookings for April – June of 2021.
  • Over 90% of our industry is reporting travel bookings for July-September of 2021 and almost 80% are reporting new travel bookings for Oct-Dec 2021.

This is promising news since many people were not traveling and some of our clients told us that they wouldn’t travel again without a vaccine.

  • When will you be comfortable taking a vacation?
  • When will you be comfortable planning your next vacation or your honeymoon?
  • With the news that everyone in the US who wants a vaccine will be able to get one by June 2021, will that make a difference in your vacation or honeymoon planning?

The team of experienced travel professionals at My Vacation Lady  is ready and able to help you plan your seamless and stress free 2021 vacation or honeymoon.

After the longest year in history, don’t you deserve to have something on your calendar to look forward to?

My Vacation Lady is

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