This is the most current information that My Vacation Lady has on the changes for international travel for unvaccinated Americans.  This is the CDC and US government policy starting on Nov 8.

US Releases Details of New International Travel System, Effective Nov. 8


This announcement came out on Oct 25, 2021 and is the strictest one yet for entry back into the US.

The White House has just released an initial outline of its new system for foreign nationals traveling to the United States, which is scheduled to take effect on November 8.

… the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) today issued official Orders for implementing the Biden administration’s new travel policy to safely regulate and facilitate international travel in the pandemic era.

The move will lift the current out-and-out bans on visitors from 33 countries, instead welcoming only fully vaccinated visitors from those areas. In early 2020, in an effort to curb the spread of COVID-19, the previous administration blanketly banned most non-U.S. citizens who, within the last 14 days, had spent time in the United Kingdom, Ireland, the European Union (including the border-free Schengen zone), China, India, South Africa or Brazil.

The agency’s Orders issued today set forth the new system’s requirements that all non-immigrant, non-U.S. citizens seeking to enter the United States must be fully vaccinated and supply documented proof of their vaccination status. The agency said that exemptions to the vaccination requirements would be very limited, but would include children under the age of 18.

In addition to proving they’re fully vaccinated, all inbound international passengers will be required to present a negative COVID-19 test taken no more than 72 hours prior to their departure for the U.S., regardless of their citizenship. Note that this rule also applies to vaccinated U.S. citizens and legal permanent residents re-entering the country.

The BIG difference now is this statement:

Returning U.S residents who are unvaccinated or only partially vaccinated will be subject to stricter requirements than they are now, and will need to produce a negative test taken no more than 24 hours before boarding their flight.

Regardless of the personal opinions of the team at My Vacation Lady, if you are unvaccinated and want to travel internationally, this will make a difference in your travel plans so please do consider the implications of a false positive of a rapid test.

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