It’s March 30, 2021.  It’s been over a year since Covid 19 brought the world to a pause.  A year that no one ever expected.  A year of changes that no one ever wanted.

If you are like a zillion of our honeymooners who have had to change wedding dates, change honeymoon dates and then change honeymoon destinations, join the club.  This has all been part of the stress of 2020 and is lasting through at least the first half of 2021.

In the past year, we have postponed, changed, cancelled and then changed our clients honeymoons.  We’ve made so many changes that one couple has changed 4 times already.
















Where are our honeymooners going in 2021?

  • Lauren and Steve were going to Bali in April 2020.  Bali still isn’t open for tourism so they are going to Key West
  • Marty and Jenn were going to Greece but switched to Hawaii
  • Brian and Deana were going to Greece in May 2021 but switched to Antigua.  So did Carl and Becky
  • Frank and Julie switched their Tahiti dates 3 times but are hoping that their late May 2021 Tahiti honeymoon sticks
  • We have 1/2 dozen honeymooners still holding hope that Greece will open in April/May but if not they are thinking of Hawaii, Costa Rica, or the Caribbean

Many of our top honeymoon destinations are still closed or iffy as to their reopening dates.  Places like Bali, Fiji, the South Pacific, Thailand, most of Europe are not accepting American tourists yet.

Hawaii, the Caribbean, Mexico and Costa Rica are some of our new honeymoon destinations for the summer.

If you are trying to plan your honeymoon and just can’t figure out where you can go, contact My Vacation Lady 

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