It used to be that every bride wanted to be a June bride.  Well that has certainly changed.  September and October are just as busy as June was.  At My Vacation Lady,  we have lots and lots of honeymoons booked for September and October and many of these clients are going to destinations that might be considered to be “in the hurricane belt”.

Let’s talk about where you might go to avoid hurricanes:

Aruba, Bonaire and Curacao are considered to be OUT of the hurricane zone.

Saint Lucia. Barbardos, the Grenadines, Trinidad and Tobago typically have a lower chance of being hit by a hurricane.  So does Hawaii, Europe and the Azores.

But lets say that your honeymoon dream is the Riviera Maya or Jamaica or the Dominican Republic, should you go else where for your honeymoon?

OR if you decide to go to your dream honeymoon destination,

How can you protect your honeymoon against the chance of a  hurricane?

  • Check for the average weather in destination that you want to travel to. is a good source.
  • Consider travel insurance to protect your honeymoon investment.  There are a number of different types of travel insurance that can help you if a hurricane is predicted to come or if you are stuck in a hurricane.  My Vacation Lady can offer many different options from cancel for any reason (on select packages) to ones that will allow you to cancel if your flight is cancelled due to a hurricane (time restrictions may apply) to those that will offer coverage in case you are delayed in returning due to a storm.
  • If you are very concerned about hurricanes, and you definitely want to visit a location that gets hit pretty frequently, consider taking a mini honeymoon locally and then wait until hurricane season is over to take your dream honeymoon.  No one says that your honeymoon must be taken right after the wedding.

My Vacation Lady is the top honeymoon specialist located in New Jersey according to couples on  both Wedding Wire and the Knot.  We take the personal approach to honeymoon planning.  Don’t you deserve the best, when it comes to your honeymoon?