When we speak to our clients, the team at My Vacation Lady will ask whether they consider themselves to be foodies.  Are they adventurous with food?  Will they eat from food trucks and street food?  Are they the gourmet restaurant types?  Do they want lots of choices in restaurants and types of cuisine?  This is all in an effort to match our clients with the best destinations for them.

Travel professionals world wide voted on the top Foodie Destinations and which cities offered the most choices in dining options, in terms of the most types of international cuisines.  

  1. New York– where if you can dream up a cuisine, you can probably find it with over 90 different types of international cuisines.  No surprise here (as a native New Yorker)
  2. The London foodie scene offers 89 international cuisines.  Restaurant goers have tons of choices in Asian, European, African and North American cuisine.
  3. Toronto– offers 73 national cuisines with the most popular food being Thai Pai.
  4. Chicago offers 66 national cuisines that lean lots of European and North American fare
  5. Paris– no surprise here.  Foodies can sample 65 national cuisines including Haitian and Australian comfort food.  But let’s not forget the French food- oh la la!
  6. Berlin made the list offering 64 international cuisines.  Not suprisingly, Berlin restaurants offer lots of European fare- German, Armenian, Dutch, French, Italian, Swiss and Greek!
  7. Melbourne– from Down Under, tied Berlin with 64 different types of international cuisines offered.  The top fare offered in Melbourne is European and Asian cuisine
  8. Dubai comes in next with 62 international cruises offered.  Foodies will get their choice of Asian, European, North American and African food.
  9. Los Angeles is so much more than just Mexican food (which is great and the top rated Mexican restaurant is El Carpintero).  With 61 international cuisines, LA offers a great balance of Asian, European, North American, African and Central and South American food.
  10. And just to make sure that another great California city is mentioned, San Francisco comes in at #10 offering 60 international cuisines offered to its restaurant scene.  Topping the list were Asian influenced restaurants.

I don’t know about you but Rome is another fabulous foodie city but maybe it was too hard to narrow down any specific city in Italy.

If you are a foodie, the team at My Vacation Lady can incorporate your food dreams into your vacation or honeymoon with cooking classes, food tours and even restaurant recommendations.

The experienced team at My Vacation Lady can help turn an OK vacation into a WOW vacation!

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