The headlines are all screaming at you:

  • Cruising isn’t safe
  • CDC raises travel warnings
  • Don’t travel to xyz

Guess what?  Tons of people are still traveling whether you want to or not.


That’s the beauty of working with the team at My Vacation Lady.  We won’t tell you that you should travel outside of your comfort zone.

If you don’t feel comfortable cruising now, that’s ok.  I can tell you that we’ve cruised 2x in 2021 and many of our team members have cruised in 2021 but if YOU are not comfortable cruising, we won’t send you on a cruise.

If you’re not comfortable in Disney World, we won’t push it.  Even though one of our team members just came back in mid January and felt very comfortable, it may not be right for you.

We’ll find someplace else for you.

It’s a big world out there and it’s also a big country.

If you want to stay domestic- we can do that.

If you want Europe or Tahiti or the Caribbean, we can do that too.

What we won’t do is force you to go somewhere where you aren’t comfortable traveling.

The team at My Vacation Lady keeps up to date on the current travel protocols.  We’ll recommend a travel insurance that you feel comfortable with, which may be a cancel for any reason policy.

When it comes to your vacation or honeymoon, we are all about YOU!

**********WEDDING WIRE and THE KNOT APPROVED**********