Not even sure that this is a word but if it was, it would be the foodie’s dream vacation.  Kind of like food porn, Instagram’s food pictures all on a plate in front of them.

So if you are a foodie and food is a very important part of your vacation planning, here are some ideas on how to plan a delicious vacation.

My Vacation Lady will advise our clients NOT to only ask the hotel concierge for their restaurant recommendations but ALSO ask the bellhops, valets, taxi and Uber drivers.  Ask them where they go to eat– not the fancy places that are in the guide books but the little hole in the wall places that they’ll go to with their friends and family.   If you are taking a private tour and have an English speaking driver, ask him.  They can tell you the good, the better and the best places to eat.  Sometimes the best places to eat might be a food truck!


Here are some tips we found from travel writers and more:

  • Use some of the foodie apps on your phone to find out some great places.  Check out Urbanspoon, Chefs Feed, Grubhub, Serious Eats, Chowhound’s forums.
  • If you are looking for Michelin star rated restaurants, check out the Michelin Guide.
  • Start your vacation off with a Food Tour.  This will give you a great overview of the food scene and if you can plan the tour early in your vacation, you can check out some of the spots again later on in your vacation.
  • Visit a local market.  There are some great night markets in Asia that offer great street food and local fare.
  • Take a cooking class.  We can recommend some that our other clients have liked but if you are more of a DIY’er, check out the Eatwith website.
  • Make dinner  reservations as early as you can.   A number of our clients found out the hard way early this year when they wanted to make dinner reservations for Mama’s Fish House in Maui.  In the past, they only took reservations 60 days out but opened but since travel spiked after the pandemic they started opening  reservations 6 months out.
  • Download the Open Table App and allow notifications.  If there is a last minute opening in your travel destination, you’ll get notified and you may be able to snag a great dining time.

Whenever My Vacation Lady takes a vacation, we always try to find those great little hole in the wall places to recommend to our clients.  So if you are looking to plan your vacation around food, we can help.

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