In May, My Vacation Lady took a Bucket List Trip- to ICELAND!

We knew that we may not get back there so we wanted to see as much as we possibly could and we decided to take a 10 day  escorted tour around Iceland.  We started checking off our must do, must see sites and experiences and came up with one tour that covered almost everything on our wish list.

Our must have list included:

  • lots of waterfalls, geysers, glaciers and gorgeous scenery
  • thermal baths
  • seeing puffins and Icelandic horses
  • whale watching
  • learning the culture
  • exploring Reykjavik
  • eating some weird food

While we wanted to see the Northern Lights, we knew that May wasn’t the right season.  It’s daylight for 16 hours a day (and honestly never got pitch black).  But we also had some schedules to work around and we didn’t want to go in the winter (peak season for seeing the Northern Lights) so we chose May.  The weather was chilly, a bit cold at times and rainy at times but we loved every minute.

Our tour took us into the gorgeous countryside  seeing fjords, farms, small towns, turf roof houses, some fabulous waterfalls, some quirky museums, glacial lagoons and black sand beaches, national parks and geothermal pools and lagoons.

I held a newborn baby lamb, held a iceberg (or part of it that washed up along the black sand beach),  petted Icelandic horses, tried fermented shark (never again) and rye bread ice cream (yes definitely again).  We hiked and walked and explored and took hundreds of pictures.  We got soaked (yes, next time I’ll bring rain pants) and bundled up with layers and then pulled off those layers.

We ate from the famous hot dog stand in Reyjkavik and yes, they do pop when you bite into them.  We had meat soup and some of the best bread we ever tasted.  We had some fish we never ate before and learned that the best places to stop for food and souvenirs in Iceland are the gas stations!

Over the next few weeks, we’ll post more about what we experienced and once you see some of the pictures, I’m pretty sure you’ll want to go too!

We wanted to take an escorted tour but that may not be the right way to explore Iceland for you.  Reach out to us and we’ll figure out what the best way to see Iceland would be for you!

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