My Vacation Lady often hears couples say that their friends traveled to or honeymooned in a certain destination and paid a certain amount of money for their trip and that number was what this couple was basing their budget on.  We, as honeymoon specialists, then have to explain to our clients why their honeymoon may cost more or less than their friends.

There are many factors that will go into the price of your honeymoon, and believe me, if travel agents set the prices of honeymoons, it may be very different that what is actually out there.

Unfortunately, weare given pricing by hotels and airlines and we have very little that we can do to change those rates.  We can change the length of stay, the airline, the resorts, the type of room you are going to stay in and the experiences we include in your honeymoon package but we are stuck with the pricing that we are given by those suppliers.

So how will the time of year effect your honeymoon pricing?

Check on when PEAK season is for the destinations your are interested in.  For example:

  • Going to the Tahitian Islands or Fiji in January-March will be significantly less than going in June-September.  There is a good reason for that— it’s rainy season in the South Pacific in the winter.
  • Looking at the same January-March, it’s peak season in the Caribbean, so prices will be significantly higher than if you went in May-November.  Even with the May-November pricing, traveling after Aug 15-mid October, will usually be about the lowest (corresponds with peak hurricane season)
  • Europe is another destination that can vary by season as well.  Their peak season is in the summer, when airfares can soar to $1800+ per person.  In the Greek Islands for instance, the peak season starts mid May and ends in mid September so if you are going in late September, the weather may still be great but the prices will be significantly less.  If you are going in early May, while the prices may be great, the water may be too cold to swim in

So what options do you have to get the best value for your honeymoon budget?

  • Be flexible with dates.  Can you delay your honeymoon to travel during a lower season?
  • Be flexible with airlines, airports and connections.  We in the NYC area are pretty lucky that we have 2 international airports within an hour drive of each other and we will typically ask our clients if they are ok with Newark, JFK or even Philadelphia.
  • Consider the type of accommodations that you want and see if there is room to change the category to save money.  (Keep in mind that you may be giving up some amenities that you really want)

My Vacation Lady is an award winning honeymoon specialist and we are top rated in our area on both Wedding Wire and the Knot.

We won’t just book a deal for you for your honeymoon— we’ll customize your honeymoon based on your dreams and budget.

When it comes to your honeymoon, don’t you want the best?  Contact My Vacation Lady for a seamless and stress free honeymoon planning experience.

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