When you think of adventure, St Lucia may not be top on your list but there are lots of fun adventures to do in this small island.

St Lucia is not about pure white sand beaches.  It’s a volcanic island so the beaches can range in color from white sand to black volcanic sand.  St Lucia is more than just a lay on the beach with a drink in your hand type of island.

If you aren’t looking for just a lay on the beach vacation, St Lucia is one of our top recommended destination for couples, families and honeymooners.  With nonstop flights from Miami, JFK, Boston, Charlotte, Atlanta and Chicago (just to name a few), St Lucia just got easier to get to!

5 adventures in St Lucia

  • Take a hike— and we mean a HIKE.  The 2 Piton Mountains are considered to be the symbols of St Lucia.  Travelers worldwide will come for the great photo ops but only the really daring will HIKE the Pitons.  From an article in a travel trade magazine, written by Meagan Drillinger in 2018,

Gros Piton, the larger of the two and the easiest to access, stands about 2,600 feet above sea level. The hiking trail begins just outside the town of Soufriere, in the small village of Fond Gens Libre…

The trail is billed as moderate to advanced, but unless clients are serious hikers, warn them that it will feel challenging the whole way through.

To the victors go the spoils, however, especially on a clear day — so it’s best to keep climbing. Be prepared for views of the island of Saint Vincent about a quarter of the way through the hike, while the halfway mark offers vistas of the island of Martinique. From Gros Piton’s top, a panoramic view over Saint Lucia and the Caribbean Sea is enough to make one forget the heat and exhaustion from the previous two-hour climb.

  • Visit a Sulfur Spa- Heading into Soufriere, you can’t miss the distinctive odor-sulfur. Sulfur bubbles from beneath the ground around Soufriere thanks to a dormant volcano. Even though it hasn’t erupted for the last few hundred years,  the mud baths around it continue to be heated from the volcano and today provide a natural spa-like environment for visitors.  When we visited St Lucia last, Mr and Mrs My Vacation Lady covered ourselves in the mud from the steaming hot mud baths.   They swear that you’ll look 10 years younger and that the sulfur can cure everything from sore joints to sunburns.  Rinse off under a nearby waterfall or the ice cold pools.   We can’t claim that we came back looking or feeling younger but it was a fun new experience!
  • Go beneath the surface-The Soufriere Marine Reserve is complete with reefs, shipwrecks and coral-covered pinnacles. Two shipwrecks have been converted into artificial reefs and they’re 2 of the most popular dive sites in the area.  If you aren’t a PADI certified diver, the calm waters of St. Lucia are a great place for learning.   If diving isn’t up your alley, grab a snorkel mask and fins, you can set out right from the beach to explore the shallow reefs that hug the shore and are home to marine life such as squid, lionfish and octopuses.
  • Explore by Jungle Bike- Weave through a network of trails and enjoy exploring the more secluded parts of the island.  The Anse Mamin Plantation is a 300-acre estate that caters to various skill levels along the 12 miles of private trails.  OR, enjoy a thrilling mountain bike ride through the rainforest to Errard Waterfall where you can take a dip in its refreshing waters.
  • Fly high – you can zipline through the treetops, take an aerial tram or explore St Lucia by helicopter.

Or if you just prefer to lay on a beach with a drink in your hand, you can do that also, in St Lucia.

Everyone’s idea of adventure is different and the experienced team of travel professionals at My Vacation Lady can help plan your vacation or honeymoon to be as adventurous as you want it.

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