The other day, I  asked my 3 yr old grandson if he took a nap in the car from his house to our house.  He replied- NO, he might miss seeing some trucks along the way.

That is his FOMO- Fear of Missing Out.


What is your FOMO when it comes to planning and taking a vacation?

  • Is it fear of not being able to see and do and experience everything because you didn’t allow enough time?
  • Is it the fear of not staying in the right hotel or resort?
  • Is the fear of not being able to enjoy your vacation because your too stressed out from wondering if you missed anything?

Planning vacations may seem pretty simple but when it comes to including all of the experiences you want to see and do, it might be better off left in the hands of a professional travel advisor.

The team at My Vacation Lady will customize your vacation or honeymoon for you so that you aren’t stuck with the dreaded FOMO on the plane.

After our consultation with you, we’ll be able to envision your vacation and honeymoon dreams so you’ll get the perfect mix of activities, adventures, sightseeing and relaxation.  Contact us to help you plan the right vacation for you!

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