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New Color Coded Map for Travel Advisories

The United States department has finally made things a bit easier to understand when it comes to safety of travel destinations. So now, every nation in the world has a ranking of 1-4 based on the safety of visiting.  #1 is the least- exercise normal precautions.  #4 is do not go and there is an [...]

Let’s take the politics out of your vacation

My Vacation Lady doesn't post anything on social media about politics and this one time, I'll post something about keeping politics out of planning your vacation. On Feb 10, while on the treadmill, I was watching the morning news and Peter Greenberg came on and said that the travel ban (blocking travelers from entering the [...]

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Why should you use a travel agent?

If you want to by an airline ticket to Florida or you need a car rental, the online travel sites are perfectly fine but should you rely on those websites for your dream vacation or honeymoon? Don't just take My Vacation Lady's word on it... This video explains it very well---- I personally love reason [...]