Luxe honeymoon

What can you get for a $15,000 honeymoon budget in 2017?

By now, you might have seen what you can get for your honeymoon for a ¬†budget of $5000, $7500 and $10,000, in the last few weeks. ¬†Now, we’ll cover what you can get for $15,000 for your honeymoon in 2017.

$15,000 is a lot of money but for some of My Vacation Lady’s honeymoon clients, […]

Why is St Lucia such a great honeymoon destination?

St Lucia is a top honeymoon destination for My Vacation Lady’s honeymooners!
We call St Lucia the Kauai of the Caribbean- lush tropical mountains, beautiful beaches, lots of activities and so much more- but it’s a lot closer for our clients to travel and there are some wonderful resorts that just scream romance!

Where else have […]