My Vacation Lady is one of the few honeymoon specialists that conducts a unique and very in-depth honeymoon consultation before even making a single suggestion or recommendation.

Some engaged couples don’t understand the need for it.  One groom actually thought that our requirement of speaking to and getting to know to both the bride and groom and their honeymoon dreams was fishy.  He thought that we  would try to sell him a time share or something.   Needless to say, he  lost out on a fabulous honeymoon experience that we could have helped him with!

A while back after sending great clients, Megan and Paul, on their dream honeymoon to Hawaii, Megan posted this review on Wedding Wire.  This is what she wrote.

I wish all my vendors were like Mindy. Mindy was one of the most responsive and professional vendors we used for our wedding planning. She generally responded within less than 24 hours any time we reached out to her, and she always had on point and helpful answers to our questions. We put so much effort into our wedding that we had little time to think about our honeymoon aside from where we wanted to go. Mindy was the perfect solution- she helped us pick hotels and activities that suited our every desire and need. All we pretty much had to do was go through the interview (which seems wacky but was helpful in my husband and I learning about what we truly wanted in a honeymoon) and tell her our budget- she took care of the rest. It was the most stress-free part of the planning. She picked out BEAUTIFUL hotels and fun activities through professional vendors. On top of booking the trip for us, Mindy provided us with tons of information prior to the trip to help us plan what we wanted to see and do when we got there. The nice gift baskets and upgrades at every hotel were also a great treat. We loved every moment of our Hawaiian Honeymoon and Mindy made it possible. We will definitely use her for future vacations!

Both Megan and her husband, Paul, are well educated professionals and they found the idea of My Vacation Lady’s consultation a bit wacky, but at the end realized how essential it was to their honeymoon experience.  Even 5 years after their honeymoon (and after their vacations to Costa Rica and Great Britain), Megan and Paul have probably recommended us to over a dozen of their friends and we are working with one couple right now on their honeymoon to Hawaii in September.

Let’s consider this-

  • Would you book a wedding reception venue without seeing it?
  • Would you book a band or DJ without hearing them play?
  • Would you go into a restaurant and ask the waiter to bring you HIS FAVORITE meal without looking at a menu?
  • Would you go to a Realtor and buy any house on the market in your price range, without considering whether it is the right home for you?

If you answered NO to any of the questions above, why would you expect a honeymoon specialist to recommend a honeymoon to you, without a thorough consultation?

My Vacation Lady is the only honeymoon specialist in New Jersey to offer this one of a kind, interactive, in depth honeymoon consultation so that we can get to know YOU.  After all, it is your honeymoon- not ours!  We are also the highest rated honeymoon specialist located in New Jersey according to couples on both Wedding Wire and the Knot.  Obviously, while our consultation may seem odd, it really works.

See what My Vacation Lady can do for you  and then give us a call to set up your personal honeymoon consultation.