When trying to find new material on what to write on our #WeddingWednesday Honeymoon blog, I googled Honeymoon Planning and found a WikiHow guide on How to Plan your Honeymoon.  There were over 41,000 views of this article and 88% found it helpful so just for fun, I thought I would see what they had to say.

Planning your honeymoon can make all the difference in how it turns out. Here are some key tips on how to honeymoon on a budget while having a great time:

The article lists 7 steps:

  • Discuss your honeymoon plans. Take the time to discuss with your future spouse what the two of you would like. Plan something that fits your budget and that you both can agree on.
  • Mid- April, higher Spring Break pricing will prevail. Also, avoid Thanksgiving week like the plague. If planning a short getaway, avoid all government holidays, such as Columbus Day and President’s Day. Due to the number of federal employees that get this time off, demand is higher and prices rise.
  • Discuss where you would like to go, and talk about how long you are willing to travel to get there.
  • Consider trying a new locale within a well-known destination to fulfill the desire for “something different.”
  • Select a travel consultant to save money and avoid mistakes. You only want to plan one honeymoon, so make sure you do it right.
  • You can book online, but you’ll rarely save money and in fact you will usually pay more when you consider you don’t get the personal service that comes with the Travel Consultant making your arrangements for you.
  • Consider an inclusive resort to really get the most for your money, but remember, not all All Inclusive Resorts are created equal. You will find they range from the most basic (3 squares and a hot shower)to limited gourmet dining and then to unlimited luxury where every possible option is yours to enjoy.

And last

  • If you don’t have the money to afford a honeymoon, honeymoon at your new home and plan your “real” honeymoon at a later date and time.

When it comes to planning your dream honeymoon, choosing the right honeymoon specialist makes all the difference.  There are people who say they are travel agents and will just send you to their website and there are actual travel agents who specialize in honeymoons.

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