luggageIf you have read any of My Vacation Lady’s packing tips blogs, you’ll know that I am the queen of over packing.  It might be an inborn trait– I think I got it from my mother and I know I have passed it on to my daughter.

Whenever I see an article on how to pack for a vacation or trip, I am constantly amazed how a woman can pack everything she needs in just a carry on.

I’m completely embarrassed to say that when I recently went to the Riviera Maya for a 4 day/3 nite travel agent trip, I used a 24″ suitcase and it was full.  I also had a HUGE carry on.  Most of my colleagues had only a carry on and a small back pack as their carry on.  I have no clue how they do it.  I’m trying but just can’t imagine how little they must take.

Here is a video on how a woman can pack for a 6 day business meeting, in 2 different climates, in just a carry on.

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