Arenal Volcano

Arenal Volcano

Every year is different in the life of a travel agent.  It never ceases to amaze our team at My Vacation Lady to see what the most popular vacation and honeymoon destination of the year is  and 2018 is turning out to be a big Costa Rica year.

Many of our clients will combine Arenal and a beach destination (either Guanacaste in the Pacific Northwest OR Manual Antonio in the central part of western Costa Rica).

Some of our clients don’t really know all of the activities there is to experience in the Arenal area other than zip lining and seeing the volcano.   Once we show them a list of activities, they are amazed.  Some will actually decide to spend all or a good part of their time in Arenal to enjoy many of the activities.

Here are some–just to give you some idea of what you can see and do in the Arenal region:

  1. hiking the volcano
  2. visiting hot springs
  3. river rafting
  4. horseback riding
  5. crossing hanging bridges
  6. rappelling down waterfalls
  7. zip lining
  8. safari raft trips
  9. white water rafting (nearby)
  10. kayaking on Lake Arenal or on the river
  11. Sport fishing on Lake Arenal
  12. visiting La Fortuna Waterfall
  13. mountain biking
  14. ATV tours
  15. Cave tours

If that’s not enough, read more here

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