Costa Rica honeymoons

Beaches of Costa Rica’s Pacific North West

My Vacation Lady never really recommended Costa Rica as a only a beach destination but on a recent vacation to the Guanacaste region of Costa Rica, we met many couples who were staying for up to 2 weeks at one of many beach resorts.  We’ve always recommended Costa Rica as more of an adventure destination […]

Dreamy honeymoon resorts in Costa Rica

Costa Rica is a hot honeymoon destination—- not just weatherwise 🙂   It’s not your typical beach destination but rather filled with adventure and gorgeous nature and wildlife.

Before  My Vacation Lady starts planning your Costa Rica honeymoon, we first start off with a unique honeymoon consultation about the kind of experiences you would like […]

Where should you go in Costa Rica?

Costa Rica isn’t a large country but it’s very diverse.  Bordered on the Caribbean to the East and the Pacific to the west, you’re never far from a beach, but the beaches aren’t the only reason to visit Costa Rica.

Just recently, My Vacation Lady was recommended to a young couple interested in experiencing Costa […]

Adventure and Beach Honeymoons

Honeymoon dreams vary so much for each couple that My Vacation Lady will always do a very in-depth honeymoon consultation with both the bride and groom to get an idea of what types of experiences they are looking for.

Some of our honeymooners only want to lay on a beach with a drink in their […]

There’s more to Arenal than just the Volcano

It always amazes My Vacation Lady to see what the most popular vacation and honeymoon destination of the year is  and 2013 is turning out to be a big Costa Rica year.  Since our visit last summer, to the Arenal Volcano area and the Manual Antonio area, so many of our clients have decided […]