Costa Rica vacations

Beaches of Costa Rica’s Pacific North West

My Vacation Lady never really recommended Costa Rica as a only a beach destination but on a recent vacation to the Guanacaste region of Costa Rica, we met many couples who were staying for up to 2 weeks at one of many beach resorts.  We’ve always recommended Costa Rica as more of an adventure destination […]

Where should you go in Costa Rica?

Costa Rica isn’t a large country but it’s very diverse.  Bordered on the Caribbean to the East and the Pacific to the west, you’re never far from a beach, but the beaches aren’t the only reason to visit Costa Rica.

Just recently, My Vacation Lady was recommended to a young couple interested in experiencing Costa […]

Just back from Costa Rica

Last week, My Vacation Lady had the opportunity to visit Costa Rica with a group of travel agents.  In the 8 days we were in Costa Rica, we hiked, horseback rode, made tortillas, had spa treatments, ziplined, rafted and visited many different hotels in 4 different parts of this beautiful country.

Over the next few […]