Costa Rica honeymoon

Top Winter Honeymoon Destinations

It’s almost Thanksgiving and most of My Vacation Lady’s winter honeymooners have booked their honeymoons but we’re still working with  some couples that are a bit late in the planning.
What are My Vacation Lady’s  top 5 winter honeymoon destinations for 2017-2018?


In additional to tropical weather year round, the Hawaiian Islands are diverse.  Each of the 4 […]

Honeymoons- 1 size does not fit all

When it comes to your honeymoon, one size does not fit all.

If there was only one honeymoon available to everyone, there would be no need for a honeymoon specialist but luckily for My Vacation Lady, it’s a big world out there and with lots of options for honeymooners- sometimes TOO MANY OPTIONS.

Your perfect honeymoon may not […]

What is your Dream Tropical Honeymoon

My Vacation Lady has been speaking to many newly engaged couples over the last few years about planning their dream honeymoon.

Some requests come in with pretty specific locations, while other requests, like Sharon and Alex were are bit more vague.

Alex sent a Facebook message that looked like this:
Hope all is well! My Fiance decided that I […]

Costa Rica Adventures

The other day, we posted a blog post about adventures in the Caribbean and today, we’re going to talk about the zillions (well, maybe not quite zillions) but TONS of adventure you can experience in Costa Rica.

Costa Rica is PARADISE for the adventure seeker and can please all ages of adventurers!  Now My Vacation […]

Beaches of Costa Rica’s Pacific North West

My Vacation Lady never really recommended Costa Rica as a only a beach destination but on a recent vacation to the Guanacaste region of Costa Rica, we met many couples who were staying for up to 2 weeks at one of many beach resorts.  We’ve always recommended Costa Rica as more of an adventure destination […]

Costa Rica for Honeymooners


Costa Rica has become a very popular destination for My Vacation Lady’s honeymooners but is it the right honeymoon destination for you?  During our unique and very in depth honeymoon consultation, we’ll be able to envision your honeymoon dreams and figure out whether or not a honeymoon to Costa Rica would fit those dreams.

Let’s talk […]

Getting VALUE for your honeymoon!

Just recently, 2 of My Vacation Lady’s  honeymoon couples returned from Costa Rica and when we spoke to both of them, we heard something pretty similar, in addition to the fact that they both LOVED their honeymoons.  They both raved over the on ground support they received while in Costa Rica.

Could they have booked their […]

What are the HOT honeymoon destinations for 2015?

Although we haven’t even started 2015 yet, My Vacation Lady is seeing a trend already for next year’s hot honeymoon destinations.

Of the ones already booked for next year, the top destinations are

The Riviera Maya
St Lucia
Costa Rica

Of course, some of the other Caribbean Islands are popular again this year (like Jamaica, Turks and Caicos, Aruba […]

Packing for your Costa Rica honeymoon

For the last few #WeddingWednesday blogs we’ve been posting Honeymoon Packing Tips and this week’s tips are for Costa Rica honeymoons.













Since Costa Rica tends to be a bit more active and adventurous, this list is geared a bit more toward those honeymooners who are planning some adventures.

My Vacation Lady’s Suggested Packing List for Costa Rica […]