My Vacation Lady has been speaking to many newly engaged couples over the last few years about planning their dream honeymoon.

Some requests come in with pretty specific locations, while other requests, like Sharon and Alex were are bit more vague.

Alex sent a Facebook message that looked like this:

Hope all is well! My Fiance decided that I get to be in charge of the honeymoon, so I thought I would come to you asking for advice/help. We have a set budget and were hoping to do something warm and beachy. I think the timeframe is near the end of summer. Any advice?

My Vacation Lady’s first step is to schedule a personal honeymoon consultation with each couple.  Yes, both the bride and groom need to be at this consultation because regardless of whether the groom is planning on surprising his bride or whether the bride has taken over the planning process- it is THEIR honeymoon and we need to find out what would make their honeymoon dreams become reality.

Even before their Honeymoon Consultation, Alex and Sharon filled out a pretty detailed questionnaire about their past travel history and style and what they liked and disliked.  From their Honeymoon Get to Know You Form, we saw that their favorite past vacations included a good amount of activity- hiking, exploring, and more.  They really weren’t sure of where they wanted to go.  They were pretty open to suggestions but knew that they really didn’t want the more popular honeymoon destinations like Mexico or Jamaica.  One of the islands they heard about was St Lucia and thought that that might be a good choice for them.

Saint Lucia

Saint Lucia


We ask very specific questions the consultation to find out details about what kind of beaches you prefer-

  • white sand/calm water
  • surfing beaches
  • secluded beaches
  • What type of water based activities are you interested in

We’ll ask about what you want to do during your honeymoon?

  • Do you want to lay on the beach with a drink in your hand
  • Do you want activities- and what type?
  • What about food, activities off the resort, evening entertainment?

These are all important components of your honeymoon.

After speaking to Sharon and Alex, I suggested that they read up about certain honeymoon destinations, listed on the honeymoon page of our website (under Check out these great honeymoon destinations)

We asked them to look at some of the more popular destinations in the Caribbean and Mexico, where we knew that they could get a lot of value for their budget.  Then we asked them to take a look at some other destinations- Belize, Costa Rica, as well as St Lucia, Antigua and Barbados.

Just received this facebook message from Alex this morning:

So I think, after looking at all the options, we are both feeling good vibes from Costa Rica 🙂

And, they want to combine BEACH and VOLCANO.

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