private plunge pool honeymoon

Honeymoons- a pool of your own

We often get asked by our honeymooners for a private pool or a jacuzzi--- something a bit more secluded and just for the 2 of them.  It is after all, their honeymoon and they want to feel pampered and special. As a honeymoon specialist, My Vacation Lady, has seen and experienced many private pool suites [...]

What is a realistic honeymoon budget – part 2

In last week's #Wedding Wednesday blog, My Vacation Lady posted some honeymoon trends published by the Knot for 2010.  When we compared the cost of a honeymoon in Maui that we planned for clients in July 2010 to the exact dates in July 2017 with the same airline, hotel room and car, our 2017 honeymoon [...]

Honeymoons- 1 size does not fit all

When it comes to your honeymoon, one size does not fit all. If there was only one honeymoon available to everyone, there would be no need for a honeymoon specialist but luckily for My Vacation Lady, it's a big world out there and with lots of options for honeymooners- sometimes TOO MANY OPTIONS. Your perfect honeymoon may [...]