In our 20+ years in the vacation planning business, we’ve been able to save a “near disaster” a few times.  Those near disaster would be— the bride waving good bye to her groom at the airport when he was denied boarding because his passport wasn’t valid long enough after the date of return from their honeymoon or because the name on the airline ticket didn’t match the name on the client’s passport.

passport_stampsThere are 2 very important reasons why My Vacation Lady will ask for a copy of your passport before we book your vacation:

  1.  The name on your passport must match the name on your airline ticket.  The TSA officers at the airport won’t let you pass through security if the names don’t match.  We are not talking about having a middle name or middle initial left off the airline ticket but we do mean, not having the correct name on the ticket.
    • Just a couple of examples of mis-matched names:
      • Is your legal name Anthony but your airline ticket reads Tony?
      • Do you have one last name on your driver’s license, but another last name on your passport because of a recent marriage or divorce?  We don’t care which name is on your license if you are traveling internationally.  We only care that the name on your airline ticket matches your passport.  The passport will be what is looked at, not your license or social security card.
  2.  Did you realize that many countries require that your passport be valid for 6 months AFTER the date you return from your vacation or honeymoon?  One very common example is Mexico.  If you are traveling from Dec 1-8, 2019, your passport needs to be valid until at least June 9, 2020.

We don’t really care what your passport picture looks like.  We’re asking for copies of your passports so that you are able to go on the vacation or honeymoon that you are planning.

My Vacation Lady  is an award winning travel agency located in New Jersey.  We pride ourselves on taking wonderful care of our clients throughout the planning process until after you return home.

Looking forward to helping you plan your dream honeymoon or dream vacation!