My Vacation Lady is the Queen of over packing.

We can never figure how our clients can pack for a vacation using just a carry on.  Liz and Andre traveled to Japan and Vietnam for 2 weeks using only carry on luggage.

The only 1 time that I every traveled with only a carry on was for a 2 nite conference in Los Angeles in September and the only way I was able to do that was by using Packing Cubes!  Packing cubes are the best little invention ever.  My friend told me about them and I’m a believer now.  Just bought 6 more packing cubes for our Hawaii vacation.   You can squeeze so much more into a suitcase using these packing cubes.  Too bad, it doesn’t reduce the weight of your suitcase.

How can you tell if you pack too much?

  1. You get slapped with an OVERWEIGHT baggage fee
  2. You pack for every What IF scenario
  3. You forget that there are stores that sell most of the things you MAY need, if you forget them
  4. You try to convince yourself that you really need work out clothes when you haven’t seen the inside of a gym in years
  5. You take too many gadgets

How can you cure your over packing habit?

  1. Set limits— like 2 pair of shoes
  2. Color coordinate– if you stick to one or 2 color schemes, you can mix and match and save valuable luggage space
  3. Use a smaller suitcase— you’ll be forced to cut down on what you bring
  4. Cut back on the size of your toiletries— did you realize that a contact lens case full of moisturizer can last for a couple of weeks?
  5. Be realistic- there are stores if you forgot something.

Check out some more packing tips under our FAQ’s 

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