Does size matter when it comes to the customer service you’ll receive from your travel agency?

Amanda Maui Four Seasons

Four Season Maui

A while back, there was a headline in a newspaper that caught our eye.

Superior Service key to success of boutique agencies

This peaked our interest since My Vacation Lady is one that might be considered a boutique agency and we do pride ourselves on superior service.  The article went on to explain that a boutique agency might be considered

” a combination of savvy professionals and advanced technology. “

One of the savvy professionals interviewed, David Barbosa, was quoted as saying,

“We like to say that ‘bigger’ isn’t better”

Mr. Barbosa isn’t a travel agent, but rather a real estate broker in New Jersey but he just explained the way My Vacation Lady works in the world of vacations and honeymoons.

My Vacation Lady knows that we can’t compete on size.  There are big box agencies that employ hundreds of agents in multiple locations.  We can’t compete in size with the online travel agencies- the ones that you can check out lots of travel deals.

  • Where we stand out is on is service.
  • We offer personalized one on one service.
  • We don’t treat you like a number.
  • We take the time to get to know you before making a vacation or honeymoon recommendation.
  • We don’t have a website plastered over with specials and deals because that’s not the way we prefer to work with our clients.

One of our favorite reviews is from a long time client.  

Mindy is the best! Doesn’t matter when you contact her with an issue she is there to help and assist. Mindy is like having your own personal genie who is only an email away. Have been working with Mindy since 2010 and every trip has been A+++.

Or ask Dana when we had to move their honeymoon to Bali from April to October and then switched the entire honeymoon to St Lucia.

My Vacation Lady Saved the Day!

Unfortunately, my wedding and honeymoon to Bali had to be rescheduled due to the Coronavirus. Mindy was able to reschedule the whole trip within a few emails! It was so easy and stress free. My fiance and I would have had no idea how to handle this on our own! After dealing with the stress and disappointment of the whole situation, this is one thing we did not have to worry about.
Throughout the whole planning process, Mindy was so helpful and always available to answer any questions we had. She truly got us our dream honeymoon.. now we just have to wait!

Ask the hundreds of clients we worked with one on one to help reschedule or postpone or even cancel their trips that were supposed to occur during Covid-19.

No bigger isn’t always better when it comes to travel agencies.  Superior service is definitely the key to My Vacation Lady’s success. If you feel that superior service is what you deserve, give us a call or send us an email.

You can decide if you think “bigger isn’t always better” when it comes to planning your honeymoon or your next vacation.