Many of our clients are feeling more comfortable traveling within the United States this year so My Vacation Lady has decided to talk about some of the top National Parks in the United States.

Living in the U.S., many of us feel that travel involves going to a different country but few realize that within the U.S., there are some fantastic national parks that will amaze and delight most visitors.  In total, the United States has over 400 national parks.

How many have you visited?

Thrillist ranked America’s 25 most popular national Parks

How many have you been to on this list?

Not as many as I would like to admit only 7.

Did your favorite make the list?  

Ours did-  Volcanoes National park in the Big Island and Haleakala National Park in Maui.

Which ones are on your bucket list?   

Even though we were in Alaska, we didn’t get to Denali National Park and I would like to see parks out west like Yellowstone National Park in Wyoming, Glacier National Park in Montana, and  Zion and Bryce in Utah.


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