With the airlines charging for everything from checked luggage to overweight luggage to even carry on luggage, we all need some packing tricks.

If we have said it once, we have probably said it a million times.  My Vacation Lady is the QUEEN of OVER PACKING so whenever we find some good packing tips, we always pass them on to our readers and clients.


We found some packing tips listed as great for LAZY people but I think they are just great tips in general:

  • Don’t unpack your travel items.  When was the last time you needed your adapter at home?  So rather than unpacking them and having to search for them when you need them for your next trip, just leave them in your suitcase.  This definitely is a great idea for your toiletries case.
  • Wear the same outfit to travel in and make sure it is comfortable for long flights.  I have a favorite pair of yoga pants and tunic top that I travel in.  I know that they’re comfortable and it’s one less outfit to worry about.  I bring a 2nd top to wear on the flight home and I’m set.
  • Start ahead of time and when you find something that you need to take with you, put it in a spare laundry basket or pile it in a spare room.  This way, when it comes to actually packing, you have less to worry about forgetting.
  • Keep a packing list on your phone or computer and reference it whenever you need it.  You can always add what you may need for a specific trip but having the basics covered will really save time.  I personally like to print it out and it makes me feel good to cross the things off the list that I already packed.
  • Buy clothes with packing in mind.  If you lean toward wrinkle free clothing, you have just made your life easier when it comes to traveling.  Even if you stuff a wrinkle free shirt into the corner of your suitcase, you should be able to hang it up, give it a couple of shakes or leave in the bathroom with the shower running and you won’t need to waste precious vacation time ironing.

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