Congratulations!  You’re planning a wedding and are thinking about your honeymoon!

Planning a wedding can be stressful.  We understand that between working  full time and trying to research wedding venues and photographers and florists and more that your time is stretched to the max.  Money is flying out the door for deposits.  Add in Covid restrictions and you’re going crazy.

Now you’re trying to plan a honeymoon and you don’t know where to start.   My Vacation Lady has some great ideas on how you can plan your honeymoon and remain in your budget.

  1.  Look at your finances.  Think about how much you can comfortably spend on your honeymoon based on what you have saved, how much you think you might get in terms of wedding gifts and what you can put on credit cards.
  2.  Look at how much time you have.  Obviously the longer you want to travel for, the more expensive your honeymoon will cost, just in terms of food, accommodations and entertainment.  If you are on a tighter honeymoon budget, you might be able to get something a bit more special or exotic, if you make your honeymoon shorter.
  3.  Does it make sense to wait to take your honeymoon at a later time?  No one says that you have to go on your honeymoon right after the wedding.  Sometimes by waiting until the peak travel season is over, you might be able to go to your dream resort and stay within your budget.  Waiting a few weeks or months after the wedding will also mean that you’ll have access to the wedding gifts to use toward your honeymoon and you might have saved up a bit more to put toward your dream honeymoon
  4.  Consider opening a credit card which offers points or discounts off airline tickets.  Since you’ll be spending a lot of money for wedding related purchases and deposits, if you use a credit card that offers points for buying airline tickets, you might be able to save a good amount of money on airline tickets.  Flights are usually a pretty big part of the honeymoon cost.
  5. What about a honeymoon registry?  If you’ve already been living together, you might have most of the household items that you need already.  A honeymoon registry might work well for you.  Over the years, the average amount of “gifts” that My Vacation Lady’s clients received on their honeymoon registries was about $1000.  That can go a long way to maximize your honeymoon budget.  Just as you would register for toasters or linens, you can put gifts on your honeymoon registry that will enhance your honeymoon experience or help pay for the honeymoon.  We have a honeymoon registry on our website that you can use OR we can set one up for you in our agency, just like Alex and Sharon have done.  They have a link on their wedding website listing the excursions that they are most interested in and we have an online payment link for their guests to purchase some of those experiences for them.

My Vacation Lady has been helping honeymooners plan their dream honeymoons for many, many years and we are an award winning honeymoon travel agency.  Not all of our clients have huge honeymoon budgets but we are still able to plan great honeymoons within most budgets.

Contact us for more info on how we can assist in planning your dream honeymoon!

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