This is MY opinion only and has no medical backing.  This is just the rantings of a travel advisor with 27 years of experience in this business.   My Vacation Lady has survived through Sept 11, volcanoes, hurricanes, SARS, bird flu, ZIKA and much more but Covid 19 has forced more changes than anything else we have experienced.

With the Covid pandemic and the new Delta variant, we are back in the guessing game.  What will come next?  What will be the new testing requirements and will we get enough notice to get them done in time?

Just the other day, Amanda asked if they would be able to honeymoon in Hawaii if they weren’t vaccinated.   Amanda and James are traveling to Maui and Kauai in November.  They’re lucky that they aren’t going to Oahu because as of Sept 13, if you aren’t vaccinated, you can’t dine indoors in Oahu- or go in bars, fitness centers or other indoor entertainment venues.

Just recently, we received emails from a major escorted tour operator.  ONLY vaccinated tourists can travel with them in 2022.  I see other nations and travel destinations requiring tourists to be vaccinated in order to travel or face quarantine again.  Fiji is hoping to reopen in December to vaccinated Americans only.


This is not a rant about being for or against Covid vaccines but rather just being practical here.  This is not a rant about pro maskers or anti maskers.  This is not a rant about civil liberties and freedoms being taken away. This is about countries and islands and travel destinations trying to keep their citizens and tourists safe.

When I was in school, 100 years ago, our parents had to present our vaccine cards to register us for school and they had to be updated with each vaccine we took.

If you feel comfortable traveling, the experienced team of travel advisors at My Vacation Lady can help you navigate the twisting road and changing rules.  If you aren’t comfortable traveling yet, we will be here when you’re ready.