For most of us, 2020 was a travel free year.  Not, not free travel but actually NO Travel.  Even as the world began to open, many of My Vacation Lady‘s clients were hesitant to travel.  Whether it was because of the pandemic, fear of the pandemic or even fear of ever changing covid protocols and rules in each destination.

Since March 2021, our team has been working overtime with all of the new requests for the rest of 2021 and into 2022.  Some of our clients are getting back from one vacation and immediately planning their next one.

Julie honeymooned in French Polynesia in May 2021 (after changing dates 4 times) and immediately booked a vacation to the Bahamas with her sister.

Many of our clients who didn’t travel last year are taking longer vacations and spending more this year to make up for their lack of vacation in 2020.

Some of our clients are planning vacations for 2022 now because they were closed out of their first choices this year.  Air, hotels and activities are already sold out for the rest of the year for many popular destinations.


What is on your travel bucket list?

  • Is your dream Europe or Asia or the South Pacific?
  • What about an African Safari?
  • Is it a vacation that you didn’t have the time for before- maybe longer than usual?
  • Do you want to take the honeymoon on your dreams?
  • What about a multi generational family vacation?
  • Grabbing your BFF’s and heading on a girl friend’s getaway?
  • How about a river cruise?

As the world reopens, where will you go?

What’s on your vacation bucket list?

The experienced team of travel advisors at My Vacation Lady are ready to help you plan your bucket list vacation!

Make up for last year and plan something special!!