My Vacation Lady creates many, many dream honeymoons for our clients.  In fact, we’ve helped plan thousands honeymoons in the last few years.  We do this all the time and we hear this very frequently:

My friends went to xxxxx and only paid $$$ for their honeymoon.  Why is our price more?

There are a lot of things that go into pricing and 99% of the time, we, as travel advisors have no control over them.  So let’s talk a bit about what can make your price higher or lower than your friend’s who booked a similar honeymoon.

1.  When are you going on your honeymoon?













Time of year makes an enormous difference.  To give you an example of a luxury 5 star all inclusive resort in Antigua.  If you honeymooned in March 2023 (peak season) A beachfront suite would cost about $18,000 for 7 nights for both of you.  If you honeymooned in June (lower season) the price would drop down to just under $13,500for the same room for the same number of nights.  That’s an enormous difference!

Let’s look at a more reasonably priced adult only all inclusive resort in Antigua with a name that you would probably recognize.

If you traveled in March and stayed in a non club level room (based on current availability), the price would be about $6400 for 7 nights.  If you went 3 months later in June, that same room would cost you just under $5000 for the 7 nights.

2. How far ahead did you book your honeymoon?

Another factor that goes into what your honeymoon price may be is how far ahead you booked your honeymoon.  Typically, the earlier you book, the better the pricing.   But do keep in mind that pricing is usually only released about 9-11 months before arrival.

3.  How much is the airfare?

Airfare is so volatile that prices can change in the middle of making a reservation and unfortunately, it is something that we have no control over.  The airlines set prices and there is no magic formula on when the best time is to book.  Some will say to book on a Tuesday afternoon.  Some will say- never book on a weekend.  The truth of the matter is, the difference in your honeymoon price could very well be the difference in airfare.  Unfortunately, we, as honeymoon specialists have no control over airline pricing.

4.  Are transfers included in your package price?

We will usually include transfers in our international honeymoon packages because we want our clients to have a seamless honeymoon experience.  We don’t want you getting to your destination and having to figure out how to get to your resort.  In some cases, we’ll add in private transfers so that you don’t have to make numerous stops along the way before getting to your honeymoon resort.

5.  Is travel insurance included and what type of insurance?

Again, travel insurance is something that My Vacation Lady always recommends for our honeymooners because crazy things can happen.  Does your package have Cancel For Any Reason Travel Insurance?  This type will almost always be more than a policy that will allow you to cancel for medical reasons or weather related reasons.  In some cases, the cost can be pretty significant.  Just as an example, on a package valued at $5000 for a couple in their 20’s, cancel for any reason insurance can cost anywhere from $200 to $500+ per couple (based on the company that it is purchased through).  A policy that doesn’t offer the cancellation for any reason but does offer better coverage in different aspects will run $177 for a couple from New Jersey who are under 34 years old and are not paying more than $2500 per person for their honeymoon.

Does this make sense to you?

It is certainly not that we want you to pay more for your honeymoon than your friends did (and we would be thrilled to have you pay less 🙂 ) but there may be components in your package that your friend’s didn’t have or the differences might be because of the hotel or airfare pricing.

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We won’t be the first to tell you that your honeymoon should be special but we are the right honeymoon specialists to make is special.

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