Why should you protect your vacation or honeymoon with travel insurance?

Flight delays or cancellations have been a huge issue in 2023.  


Let’s imagine that you were heading down to Antigua or St Lucia or Curacao for your vacation and you had a connection in Miami.  Your 610am flight to Miami that would have arrived at 905am and your flight from Miami to Saint Lucia left at 1015am.  Well, there was a major rain storm or heavy winds in your departure city so your flight to Miami didn’t take off until 9am.  Guess what, the flight TO St Lucia wasn’t waiting for you and your only choice would be the 10:15am flight the next day.  You had to spend a day in Miami and you lost at day of your resort stay.  Travel insurance may cover that.

Let’s imagine that you are heading home from your romantic honeymoon in Greece.  You have already flown back from Santorini to Athens to catch your flight back to Newark.  Too bad your plane never took off from Newark because of bad weather.  You did like Athens but you really wanted to fly back on Friday to have Saturday and Sunday to recuperate.  Luckily, you only spent 1 extra night in Athens and were able to get home on Saturday.  Travel insurance may cover that.

Or imagine a crazy thing like someone decides to skip past security and the airport shuts down. Or the airline computers go down and you can’t check in.  You’ve missed your cruise, you get stuck in a connecting airport, you miss your first day at your romantic resort that you paid a lot of money for.  If you don’t have travel insurance, you are likely out a good deal of money.  With travel insurance, your policy would likely cover this under the missed connection or travel delay section of the the coverage, and your loss would likely have been minimized.

Travel insurance covers a lot more than just missed connection or travel delays and My Vacation Lady always recommends travel insurance to protect your vacation investment.  We never anticipate problems and we would prefer you never have to use the insurance but we bet you’ll be much happier knowing you have it, when you do need it.