Girls Getaways

Girl’s Getaways— leave him at home

Leah really wanted to go to India but her significant other wasn't interested in going so she asked her friend Kathy to join her and the 2 ladies took off without the men to go on a guided tour of India. Does that sound like you? You have dreams of traveling to specific destinations OR [...]

How to Plan a Girl’s Get Away?

What makes a girl's getaway so special (and so much fun)? It's typically a time where women leave behind the guys and the little ones and escape to be with their girl friends-- whether they are old school friends, or new friends that all enjoy the same things. Remember the days when it was NO [...]

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5 tips on planning a girls’ getaway

At My Vacation Lady, we've been seeing an increase in interest in girls getting away without the guys for a long weekend or week or even more. What could be better than spending some time with your BFF's on a beach, enjoying some spa treatments, taking in the sights or just kicking back and relaxing?  [...]

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