renting a car in Europe

Tips on Renting a Car in Europe

Many times, My Vacation Lady's clients will consider renting a car vs. taking a train or tour.  We are working with a family of 5 debating about renting a care in Italy vs. taking the trains. Renting a car will give you much more flexibility than either the train or taking a tour will allow. [...]

Driving in a foreign country

Sometimes, My Vacation Lady's clients prefer to rent a car and drive around on the own.  In Hawaii, it's a breeze (and our recommended means of transportation) but in foreign countries, it may be a bit trickier. Here are some tips on how to stay safe while renting a car abroad: Get an international driver's [...]

Should you rent a car in Europe?

As Americans, many of us are used to getting in our cars and driving.  With gas back in the low $2 per gallon range in many states (and some even lower), the American love affair with their cars has returned in force again. But if you are going to Europe, should you rent a car? [...]

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