luggageFrequent fliers are among the best to offer the best tips and who flies more than flight attendants?

Here are a number of tips that we compiled from different articles about a flight attendants best travel tips:

1.  Where you sit does make a difference.

  • You’ll feel less turbulence in the front of the plane
  • You’ll hear less noise if you sit in the back since sound carries forward

2.  Luggage tags get ripped off suitcases.

  • Put your name and contact info INSIDE your suitcase, right on top.   

3.  If you’re traveling with young children, fly in the afternoon.

  • Kids are more likely to take a nap at that time
  • Another hint— take off your kids shoes so IF they kick the back of the seat in front of them, if might not annoy that passenger as much.

4.  Smile and be nice

  • What’s the expression- you get more with honey than with vinegar?  Need I say more here?  
  • Kindness is key.  Not everyone who is traveling is going on vacation.
  • When passengers bring a bag of candy (like M&M’s) for the flight crew,  is always a big hit.

5.  What you should have in your carry on to keep you comfortable and prepared

  • headphones
  • a pen
  • phone charger
  • entertainment
  • moisturizer
  • eye drops
  • lip balm or chap stick

6.  Bring your own snacks rather than paying crazy prices in the airport

  • Bring unopened snacks from home and pack them in snack sized ziplock bags.
  • Bring an empty water bottle and ask the flight attendants to fill it up.
  • If  you really like ginger ale, buy a can at the airport.  Flights tend to run out of ginger ale before other soft drinks.

7.  Planes are not the cleanest

  • Pack hand sanitizer in your carry on bag
  • If you take off your shoes on the flight, put them back on when you get out of your seat-especially when using the rest rooms.

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