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Flying tips from flight attendants

Frequent fliers are among the best to offer the best tips and who flies more than flight attendants? Here are a number of tips that we compiled from different articles about a flight attendants best travel tips: 1.  Where you sit does make a difference. You'll feel less turbulence in the front of the plane [...]

Flying and hand lotion

Seems an odd title for one of My Vacation Lady's blog posts, isn't it? Well, this is something we heard of from a travel colleague a while back and then just again last week.  Don't use hand or body lotion or muscle relaxing creams before going through the airport security. Some lotions contain glycerin, which [...]

Getting to the airport extra early might be a good idea

On Saturday, the phone rang and I saw that it was a client calling.  It was 8:30 am and I was literally packing up the car to leave for the day for a family commitment out of state.  Mike and Vanessa were leaving that morning for their family vacation from JFK in New York.  Since [...]

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