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What does a $7500 honeymoon look like in 2017?

For the last couple of weeks, My Vacation Lady has been posting about honeymoon budgets.  Last week, we talked about what you can get for a $5000 honeymoon budget and this week, we are going to look at what our actual clients booked around the $7500 range for their 2017 honeymoons.

Pure Adventure in Costa […]

Top Tourist Mistakes when Vacationing in Hawaii

My Vacation Lady loves Hawaii and we send many of our clients to Hawaii for their honeymoons or dream vacations.

A while back, there was an article in the Huffington Post about what the top mistakes are that tourists make in Hawaii and knew that we could add more to their list.
These are Top mistakes when […]

Are you going to take a summer vacation?

Are you taking a summer vacation this year?  Have you already planned it or are you still just in the dreaming stages.

Where are you planning to go?
How did you decide on the destination or the hotel or the cruise ship?
How much of a role is social media playing in your vacation […]

What does a $5000 honeymoon look like?

My Vacation Lady gets this question ALL THE TIME…..What can we get for our honeymoon budget?
Over the next few weeks, we’ll try to give you some ideas of what your honeymoon budget will buy in 2017.
We’ve been talking about how to plan a realistic honeymoon budget for the last few weeks and just to […]

The story of a blizzard and 2 different vacations

We really shouldn’t call the snow storm on March 14 a blizzard in the NYC metro region.  It was more of a blizzard prediction that never happened but since a massive blizzard was predicted, we were watching reports and our clients’ flights.

This is a story of 2 different vacations.  One was booked by My […]

St Patrick’s Day Cocktail Recipes

Everyone is Irish on St Patty’s Day and you don’t need to be Irish to want to visit Ireland!  But not everyone is a fan of warm green beer so in celebration of St Patrick’s Day, My Vacation Lady found a few cocktail recipes for you to try.

Reader’s Digest has 7 different recipes for those […]

How to stretch your honeymoon budget

Honeymoons can be expensive and for some couples, after paying for their wedding and other expenses, they don’t necessarily have a ton of money to spend on their honeymoon.  That doesn’t mean your honeymoon can’t be wonderful.  My Vacation Lady is the top rated honeymoon specialist located in New Jersey according to the couples […]

Zika free Babymoon destinations

When I was expecting my first child (who is now an adult), Mr My Vacation Lady and I took a vacation to Bermuda.  Little did I realize back then, that I was a trend setter and that taking a pre-baby vacation would be as popular as it is now.
Why did we choose Bermuda?

It […]

How many more summers do you have to vacation with your kids?

A couple of weeks ago, My Vacation Lady met with Diego, our Royal Caribbean sales representative.   Of course, we spoke about some new cruise itineraries and the new ships but we also spoke about family vacations and how great cruises are for family vacations.

We tried to take a family vacation with our children […]

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What is a realistic honeymoon budget- part 3

There are so many variables in trying to figure out what is a realistic honeymoon budget and for the last couple of weeks, My Vacation Lady has been trying to help you figure out how to plan a realistic honeymoon budget.

What is average?

At the offices of  My Vacation Lady, no honeymoon is average.  Everyone […]