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Happy Memorial Day

My Vacation Lady and our team want to wish you a Happy Memorial Day!

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Tips on how to pack for your vacation and save money

With most airlines charging for each checked suitcase and charging exorbitant fees for overweight luggage, travelers need to find ways to pack  smarter and, of course, a bit lighter.  My Vacation Lady is known  as the queen of over packing and, like many women, we like choices and bring tons of extra clothes and […]

Honeymoon consultations- why does My Vacation Lady require one?

My Vacation Lady is one of the few honeymoon specialists that conducts a unique and very in-depth honeymoon consultation before even making a single suggestion or recommendation.

Some engaged couples don’t understand the need for it.  One groom actually thought that our requirement of speaking to and getting to know to both the bride and […]

What do kids really want to do on vacation?

With Memorial Day just a week away, summer is around the corner.  And what does summer mean?


Summer is the number one time of year that families travel.  School is out and most parents will schedule some of their vacation time during the summer so that they can take a great family vacation. […]

Kauai’s Beaches

Our clients know that My Vacation Lady LOVES Kauai and if we were really pressed for an answer, we might tell you our favorite island is likely Kauai.  We wish that we lived on the west coast so that we could just hop over more frequently since there are not and probably never will be, […]

Best Beach Honeymoons

About 3/4 of the honeymooners that My Vacation Lady speaks to wants a  tropical beach honeymoon.  After the stress of the wedding, they want to relax with a drink in their hand.  But many will want to mix it up with activities and excursions but the beach and the resort play a major role […]

Family Friendly Sightseeing for Free in the North East

My Vacation Lady helps our clients plan family vacations to destinations near and far.  Some may be to international destinations or cruises while others may be to the theme parks in Orlando.  Family vacations are a special time and we tried taking our kids on family vacations every summer even when we didn’t have […]

Another reason Travel Agents can help

This week, My Vacation Lady sent out a reminder to clients about their upcoming final payment for their vacation to Italy.














In this case, Anthony and Diana were going to be visiting family in a town about 1 hour south of Naples for a few days before starting the package that we arranged in the […]

Where to honeymoon if you are getting married during hurricane season?

My Vacation Lady just spoke to a honeymoon couple who is getting married in September and want to honeymoon in early October due to work scheduling.  We’ve been busy for the last couple of months helping our clients plan Fall honeymoons and yes, it is Hurricane Season in most of the Caribbean and Mexico.

June […]

Another reason to book your vacation early

In the past few weeks,  My Vacation Lady has been getting a good number of requests for last minute vacations.  And by last minute- we are talking about 2 weeks to 8 weeks prior to departure.

We’ve been lucky with some and booking the resort or hotels have been easy.  Flights- on the other hand- not […]